Repository: TechRxiv

Full Name: TechRxiv
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Description: TechRxiv (pronounced "tech archive") is an open, moderated preprint server for unpublished research in electrical engineering, computer science, and related technology.
Accepted Content Types: Journal Articles, Preprints
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Contact: [email protected]
Disciplinary Scope: Electrical engineering, computer science, and related technology
Keywords: Engineering, Computer Science, Figshare
Launch Date: 2020
Platform: Figshare (Digital Science) preprint framework
Platform Languages: English
Record Count: Full text : 1 043
Repository Type: Disciplinary
Service Pricing: None
Status: Open
Terms of Use: Yes
Last Update: 5/31/21
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Business Model: Non Profit
Funding: Supported by IEEE publications funding
Objectives: IEEE and its members inspire a global community to innovate for a better tomorrow through highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities.
Countries: <a href="">United States</a>
Owner Full Name: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Owner Short Name: IEEE
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Ownership Type: Scientific society
Scientific Technical Committees: Yes : The TechRxiv Advisory Board is a group of experts across diverse subject areas who advise the management of TechRxiv on the standards that TechRxiv-hosted preprints should be held to. .
User Committees:
Access to Content: Anyone may access full items free of charge
Access to Metadata: Anyone may access the metadata free of charge
Account Creation: Only needed for submission
Functional Description: No
Interoperability: Yes via API
Metadata Formats: No
Metadata Languages: English
Metadata Properties: Title, Identifier, Publication/deposition date, Author name(s), Abstract, Author affiliation(s), Funder acknowledgement(s), License type(s), Subject category, Full-text content, References
Method for Reuse of Metadata: Openly available via API
Open Source: No
Permission for Re-use of Metadata: Depending on the licencing options chosen by the author
Persistence of Content:
Preservation Policy:
Function Service Details
Bibliographic References Management Local function Yes : RefWorks, BibTex, Ref. manager, Endnote, DataCite, NLM, DC
Indexing/Search Local function Yes : Google, Google Scholar, CrossRef
Indexing/Search Google Scholar
Indexing/Search Crossref
Metrics Local function Downloads, Views and Citations are visible to everyone
Metrics Altmetric
Text Mining Local function Yes : By posting in TechRxiv, authors explicitly consent to text mining
Academic Applicant Only?: Yes
Accepted Content Formats: All but PDF Preferred for papers
Accepted Content Languages: English
Accepted Content Level: Research only
Accepted Supplementary Content: Supplementary data can be associated on the same page (or associated via FigShare)
Associated Editor: No
Associated Journal: No
Availability of Associated Content: Material associated with preprint is hosted also by the platform
Journal Submission: Unrestricted
Licensing: Authors are provided with a choice of licenses: CC0 1.0 Universal, CC BY Attribution 4.0 International, No license; with CC0 or CC BY preferred
Mechanisms to Report Concerns About Content: Email Administrator
Mechanisms to Report Concerns About Plagiarism: Copyright Agent can be reach here : [email protected]
Moderation: Beforehand : Written in English, Contains unpublished technical content within TechRxiv's scope, Free of offensive or plagiarized content, Includes permission to reuse previously published or copyrighted material, if applicable
Peer Review Status Indication: No
Persistent Identifier: DOI
Remaining Indrawn Item: Tthe preprint will still appear in TechRxiv but it will be marked as "withdrawn" and annotated with comments explaining the reason for the withdrawal
Text Embargo: No, only if the publisher imposes an embargo period
Time from Submission to Posting: 4 business days
Versioning Policy: Accepts new version. Your original version will remain publicly accessible with a date and time stamp. Revisions will have the same DOI as the original preprint plus a version indicator.
Who can Deposit?: Anyone can post on the platform. Only an account is required ( The creation of the account is free).
Withdrawal Authorisation: At author's request with moderator approval
Withdrawal Policy: Yes. Plagiarized material or describe experimental work that is not performed in accordance with the relevant ethical standards for research using animals or human subjects.