Repository: SSOAR

Full Name: SSOAR
Short Name (or Acronym): SSOAR
Description: The full-text server SSOAR, which is maintained at GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, collects and archives literature of relevance to the social sciences and makes it available in open access on the Internet in accordance with the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities.
Accepted Content Types: Journal Articles, Books, Chapters and Sections, Preprints, Postprints, Contributions to Working Papers, Working Paper Series, Monographs and Edited Volumes, Theses and Dissertations
Certificate or Labels: German Initiative for Network Information DINI
Closure Date:
Contact: [email protected]
Disciplinary Scope: Social Sciences - in particular, sociology and political science and their methods, social policy, social psychology, population research, historical social research, employment research, and communication sciences
Keywords: Social Science, Repository
Launch Date: 2009
Platform: Dspace
Platform Languages: English and German
Record Count: Full text: 62 963
Repository Type: Disciplinary
Service Pricing: None
Status: Open
Terms of Use: Yes
Last Update: 5/21/21
Accessibility of Conflict of Interest Procedures:
Business Model: Non Profit
Funding: Internal funding
Objectives: GESIS provides essential and internationally relevant research-based services for the social sciences. As the largest European infrastructure institute for the social sciences GESIS offers advice, expertise and services at all stages of scientists' research projects. With this support socially relevant questions can be answered based on the latest scientific methods, and with high quality research data.
Countries: <a href="">Germany</a>
Owner Full Name: GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences
Owner Short Name: GESIS
Owner URL:
Ownership Type: Public, infrastructure institute for the social sciences
Scientific Technical Committees: Yes : A team of permanently employed scientists runs SSOAR .
User Committees: No
Access to Content: Anyone may access full items free of charge
Access to Metadata: Anyone may access the metadata free of charge
Account Creation: Only needed for submission
Backups: Yes : The databases are automatically saved every three hours. Incremental backups of the system are carried out on a daily basis and a complete backup is performed once a week. The data are backed up on internal GESIS data storage media, thereby ensuring the separation of server and backup. Security updates are carried out automatically and in a timely manner. If the system should fail, it can be reconstructed within a day with the standard software after the backed-up data has been imported.
Functional Description: No
Interoperability: Yes via API
Metadata Formats: Yes : Formats are available on this page
Metadata Languages: German and English
Metadata Properties: Title, Author(s), Editor(s), Abstract, Keywords, Classification, Document language, Publication Year, City, Publisher, Page/Pages, Journal, Publication and Reviewing Status, Licence, Persistent Identifier (e.g. DOI, URN), ISBN, ISSN, Conference
Method for Reuse of Metadata: Openly available via API
Open Source: Yes
Permission for Re-use of Metadata: All metadata are made available under a CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) licence and can be harvested via the standardised OAI-PMH web interface and used freely without any restrictions.
Persistence of Content: Yes : GESIS guarantees that content published on SSOAR will be archived for at least five years.
Preservation Policy: Yes: digital preservation via German National Library
Function Service Details
Bibliographic References Management Local function Yes : BibTex and Endnote
Indexing/Search Local function Yes : Google Scholar, BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine), Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek (DDB), WorldCat, OpenAire
Indexing/Search Google Scholar
Indexing/Search Bielefeld Academic Search Engine
Indexing/Search WorldCat
Indexing/Search OpenAire explore
Metrics Local function Views and Downloads are visible to everyone

Altmetrics in development
Academic Applicant Only?: No
Accepted Content Formats: PDF
Accepted Content Languages: English, German (Publications in other languages are made on request on a case-by-case basis)
Accepted Content Level: Research only
Accepted Supplementary Content: If the data records of a table (Excel, Libre/Open Office), a CSV file, or an XML file are available, they can be delivered to SSOAR in this format.
Associated Editor: No
Associated Journal: No
Author PID: No
Availability of Associated Content:
Journal Submission: Unrestricted
Licensing: Authors are provided with a choice of licenses: CC0, CC BY, CC BY-SA, CC BY-NC-SA; with no preference for which license chosen
Mechanisms to Report Concerns About Content: Email administrator
Mechanisms to Report Concerns About Plagiarism: No
Moderation: Before the publications are made freely accessible to the public on the Internet, the metadata are checked by the SSOAR team and are supplemented with a classification, keywords (Thesaurus for the Social Sciences (GESIS)) and, if necessary, with further information.
Peer Review Status Indication: Yes
Persistent Identifier: URN (Uniform Resource Name); DOI for primary publications and publications of GESIS-scientists
Remaining Indrawn Item: Full text isn't available anymore. However, the corresponding metadata set will continue to be accessible via the URN in order to ensure stable linking.
Text Embargo: No, only if the publisher imposes an embargo period
Time from Submission to Posting: Different (usually up to 48 hours)
Versioning Policy: Accepts new version. Only the last version is visible for readers.
Who can Deposit?: Anyone can post on the platform. Only an account is required ( The creation of the account is free).
Withdrawal Authorisation: Platform - asked by the author (or a third party)
Withdrawal Policy: Yes. At the express request of the author or the right holder, and where important, legal grounds exist