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Full Name: SciELO Preprints
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Description: SciELO Preprints Collection is an integral part of SciELO, an international cooperation program aiming at the development of open access scientific communication covering all areas of knowledge. It operates as a collection of non-peer-reviewed manuscripts within the SciELO Network of national and thematic collection of journals.
Accepted Content Types: Multiple article types (including research manuscripts, review papers, case studies, opinion papers, dataset description papers), Preprints
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Contact: [email protected]
Disciplinary Scope: Agriculture sciences; Applied social sciences; Biological sciences; Engineering; Exact and earth sciences; Health sciences; Human sciences; Linguistic, literature and arts; and, Interdisciplinary.
Keywords: Multidisciplinary, SciELO, Spanish, Portuguese, English
Launch Date: Apr-20
Platform: Open Preprints System
Platform Languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese
Record Count: Full text : 1 940
Repository Type: Multidisciplinary international cooperation program
Service Pricing: None
Status: Open
Terms of Use: Yes
Last Update: 9/25/22
Accessibility of Conflict of Interest Procedures:
Business Model: Non Profit
Funding: Internal financial support (SciELO Program)
Objectives: Offer an infrastructure for posting preprints as an integral part of the research communication flow.
Countries: <a href="">Brazil</a>
Owner Full Name: SciELO and FAPESP Program
Owner Short Name:
Owner URL:
Ownership Type: Research infrastructure program
Scientific Technical Committees: Yes : includes researchers.
User Committees: Yes : board of moderators is composed by Editor-in-Chiefs of the SciELO journals or someone appointed by them.. As this position changes within our journals, their roles as area moderators in SciELO Preprints can also change. An area moderator can request to leave the board at any time.
Access to Content: Anyone may access full items free of charge
Access to Metadata: Anyone may access the metadata free of charge
Account Creation: Only needed for submission
Backups: The backup is done daily. We use a backup software called ArcServe to do the backup flow. Also we have a Disaster Recovery plan in case of the Datacenter failure.
Functional Description: No
Interoperability: ORCID, PREreview, Plaudit
Metadata Formats: No
Metadata Languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese
Metadata Properties: Title, Identifier, Publication/deposition date, Author name(s), Abstract, Relational link to final journal publication (e.g. in crossref metadata), License type(s)
Method for Reuse of Metadata: Openly available via API
Open Source: Yes
Permission for Re-use of Metadata: CC-0
Persistence of Content: Yes : All content is preserved using Archivematica
Preservation Policy: The preservation flow is: -creating a webarchiving file in WARC format every week; -The files are saved in datasets in Dataverse. - Once we saving the files in Datasets we use Archivematica to do the preservation. The AIP (Archival Information Package) are saved in AWS S3 (AWS guarantee the files are saved in 3 different locations).
Function Service Details
Commenting/Annotation Local function Yes : Hypothesis
Indexing/Search Local function Yes : Google Scholar, Crossref
Indexing/Search Google Scholar
Indexing/Search Crossref
Indexing/Search Europe PMC
Metrics Local function Downloads and views are available to everyone
Metrics Altmetric
Peer Review Local function Yes : As the preprints can be posted in the publisher's journals, the peer review is done by the platform
Text Mining Local function Yes
Academic Applicant Only?: Yes
Accepted Content Formats: PDF or XML Publishing Schema
Accepted Content Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish (But the title, abstract and keywords must be provided with their respective English translations)
Accepted Content Level: Research only
Accepted Supplementary Content:
Associated Editor: No
Associated Journal: No
Availability of Associated Content: Authors are strongly recommended to make available all subjacent data, codes and other materials that support the methods, results and conclusions of the manuscript.
Journal Submission: Unrestricted but submission is facilitated for any journal using a SWORD (Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit) protocol-based manuscript submission platform
Licensing: Authors must use CC BY license
Mechanisms to Report Concerns About Content: Automated, Staff, Volunteers that takes responsibility for screening or Email administrator
Mechanisms to Report Concerns About Plagiarism: Email administrator
Moderation: Beforehand : Content within scope, Manuscript is complete (methods, references), All authors notified, Legal compliance, Ethical compliance, Originality, Potential for harm if posted
Peer Review Status Indication: Yes
Persistent Identifier: URL only, single DOI retained for all versions
Remaining Indrawn Item: The metadata and the reason for retraction remain on the server;
Text Embargo: No, only if the publisher imposes an embargo period
Time from Submission to Posting: 4 days (average)
Versioning Policy: Accepts new versions of content until acceptance at journal. OPS always operates with the latest preprint version, but each version keeps a connection with the previous one, so that all versions are kept on the server
Who can Deposit?: Anyone can post on the platform. Only an account is required ( The creation of the account is free).
Withdrawal Authorisation: At authors' request, if properly justified
Withdrawal Policy: Yes. Contravention of copyright, plagiarism, false or inaccurate content, ethical and legal issues