Repository: Figshare

Full Name: Figshare
Short Name (or Acronym):
Description: figshare is a repository where users can make all of their research outputs available in a citable, shareable and discoverable manner
Accepted Content Types: Full list of content/item types :
Certificate or Labels:
Closure Date:
Contact: [email protected]
Disciplinary Scope: All scientific fields
Keywords: Figshare, publishing, repository
Launch Date: was launched Jan-2012. Preprint repositories launched 2017
Platform: Figshare (Digital Science) preprint framework
Platform Languages: Support other languages, e.g. JStage - This feature is in discussion. See the Public Roadmap: Currently, certain parts of the interface (groups, custom metadata, and metadata entries) can be set up in a foreign language. For example, see South Federal University (Russia). Work on accessibilitu WCAG 2.1 in 2020/21 allows for multi-language support
Record Count: Preprints only: 5400+ includes preprints posted to, institutional repositories and preprint repositories Total for all content: 5 688 120
Repository Type: Multidisciplinary
Service Pricing: None
Status: Open
Terms of Use: Yes
Last Update: 7/9/21
Accessibility of Conflict of Interest Procedures:
Business Model: Non Profit
Funding: Internal funding
Countries: <a href="">United Kingdom</a>
Owner Full Name: Figshare LLP (Digital Science)
Owner Short Name:
Owner URL:
Ownership Type: Tech company
Scientific Technical Committees: Yes : includes researchers.
User Committees: Yes : Ambassadors program. For more information :
Access to Content: Anyone may access full items free of charge
Access to Metadata: Anyone may access the metadata free of charge
Account Creation: Only needed for submission
Backups: Figshare will use the DuraSpace DuraCloud Vault deposit node to add content into Chronopolis to preserve the public corpus of multi-disciplinary data.
Functional Description: Yes via FAQ
Interoperability: Yes via API
Metadata Formats: Metadata can be exported in standard formats through a select list on the item page, via OAI-PMH ListSets, or through the API.
Metadata Languages: English
Metadata Properties: Title, Identifier, Publication/deposition date, Author name(s), Abstract, Author affiliation(s), Funder acknowledgement(s), License type(s), Subject category, Full-text content, References
Method for Reuse of Metadata: Openly available via API
Open Source: No
Permission for Re-use of Metadata: None
Persistence of Content: Figshare will use the DuraSpace DuraCloud Vault deposit node to add content into Chronopolis to preserve the public corpus of multi-disciplinary data.
Preservation Policy: preservation policy
Function Service Details
Bibliographic References Management Local function Yes : RefWorks, BibTex, Ref. manager, Endnote, DataCite, NLM, DC
Commenting/Annotation Local function Yes : You just need an account to comment a preprint
Indexing/Search Local function Yes : Google Scholar and CrossRef. Details of where content is indexed (
Indexing/Search Google Scholar
Indexing/Search Crossref
Metrics Local function Downloads, Views and Citations are visible to everyone

Make Data Count, Project Counter :
Academic Applicant Only?: Yes
Accepted Content Formats: Word doc and PDF
Accepted Content Languages: English
Accepted Content Level: Research only
Accepted Supplementary Content: Your paper may include all of your tables and figures, or you can choose to upload them as separate files.
Associated Editor: No
Associated Journal: No
Availability of Associated Content: Additional data and supplementary materials can also be uploaded alongside your paper. If you have your data stored in a publicly available online data repository (for example, Figshare Data Repository), you can include a link to the data set in the "References" field.
Journal Submission: Unrestricted
Licensing: Authors are provided with a choice of licenses: CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, CC-BY-ND, CC-BY-NC, CC-BY-NC-SA and CC-BY-NC-ND
Mechanisms to Report Concerns About Content: Email administrator
Mechanisms to Report Concerns About Plagiarism: Email administrator
Peer Review Status Indication: Yes
Persistent Identifier: DOI
Remaining Indrawn Item: It will be replaced with a public notice to provide a record of the removal
Text Embargo: No, only if the publisher imposes an embargo period. Possible to apply an embargo when submitting items
Time from Submission to Posting: can post on completion of submission. Preprint/Institutions depends on review time and can differ
Versioning Policy: Accepts new version. All version are available for readers.
Who can Deposit?: Anyone can post on the platform. Only an account is required ( The creation of the account is free).
Withdrawal Authorisation: Platform
Withdrawal Policy: Yes.