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Full Name: CERN document server
Short Name (or Acronym): CDS
Description: CERN Document Server is where you can find the Library catalogue (books, ebooks, e-journals, standards) and the CERN scientific output (articles, preprints, reports, CERN Annual reports, Yellow Reports, CERN Bulletin, etc.)
Accepted Content Types: Journal Articles, Conference and Workshop Papers, Theses and Dissertations, Reports and Working Papers, Preprints
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Contact: [email protected]
Disciplinary Scope: Nuclear Research, physics, Astronomy, Computer, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords: CERN research, Nuclear, Technology
Launch Date:
Platform: Invenio
Platform Languages: English
Record Count: Full text : 473 744 ( 138 168 preprint)
Repository Type: Disciplinary
Service Pricing: None
Status: Open
Terms of Use:
Last Update: 5/10/21
Accessibility of Conflict of Interest Procedures:
Business Model: Non Profit
Funding: Internal funding
Countries: <a href="">Switzerland</a>
Owner Full Name: European Organization for Nuclear Research
Owner Short Name: CERN
Owner URL:
Ownership Type: Research institute
Scientific Technical Committees:
User Committees:
Access to Content: Anyone may access full items free of charge
Access to Metadata: Anyone may access the metadata free of charge
Account Creation: Authorized to create an account : Accredited Community Members, Academic Staff of CERN Institute
Functional Description: Yes : tutorials via help tab
Interoperability: No
Metadata Formats: No
Metadata Languages: English
Metadata Properties: Report Number, Title, Author(s), Affiliation, Imprint, Subject Category, Keywords
Method for Reuse of Metadata: Available only with conditions
Open Source: Yes
Permission for Re-use of Metadata: For Commercial and Not-for-profit reuse : The OAI Identifier and/or a link to the original metadata must be given.
Persistence of Content:
Preservation Policy:
Function Service Details
Bibliographic References Management Local function Yes : BibTeX, MARC, MARCXML, DC, EndNote, NLM and RefWorks
Commenting/Annotation Local function Yes : Commenting available on the web site
Writing/Formatting Local function No, but allows use of external LaTex editor
Academic Applicant Only?: No
Accepted Content Formats: PDF, TEX
Accepted Content Languages: English
Accepted Content Level: Research only from CERN
Accepted Supplementary Content: Every item are under the same report number and must be produced by CERN : video, images
Associated Editor: No
Associated Journal: No
Author PID: No
Availability of Associated Content: Material associated with journal is hosted also by the platform
Journal Submission: Unrestricted
Licensing: You can chose any CC-By you want
Mechanisms to Report Concerns About Content: Email administrator
Mechanisms to Report Concerns About Plagiarism: Contact form
Moderation: Only the eligibility of authors/depositors is checked.
Peer Review Status Indication: No
Persistent Identifier: Report number
Remaining Indrawn Item: Full-Text
Text Embargo: No, only if the publisher imposes an embargo period
Time from Submission to Posting: It may be a long delay (no precise time is written)
Versioning Policy: Accepts new version. All version are archieved and visible for readers.
Who can Deposit?: Acccount needed, it's free. Only Accredited Community Members of CERN are authorized to submite their works
Withdrawal Authorisation:
Withdrawal Policy: No.