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PubPub Completely free - PubPub is an open-source, hosted, free-to-use content management system designed to help knowledge communities of all types collaboratively create and share knowledge online. PubPub’s flexible, extensible system allows communities to create the dynamic content that best represents their work, whether it’s a traditional academic journal, a book, a repository of interactive documents, a blog, all of the above, or something in between. If needed, PubPub then helps communities integrate their work into academic infrastructure like Crossref and Google Scholar without the need to remake it to conform to legacy expectations of how academic outputs are structured. 1
ScienceOpen Completely free - Offers open access journal hosting services, as well as advanced indexing and promotional services that showcase customer content within the discovery platform. Every research article on ScienceOpen has a traceable genealogy through citations, a public peer review process, and social interaction tracked by altmetrics, which they call research "context". ScienceOpen appoints members of the research community as Collection Editors who curate articles from multiple publishers in any topic. Collections support discovery of and within research communities. All content on the platform is available for post-publication peer review by scientific members with five or more peer-reviewed publications on their ORCID, and all articles can be publicly commented on by members with one or more items. 1